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"All pieces are hand cut and handmade. We have a personal relationship with our seamstresses/pattern cutters. And visits to the sewing shop are made on a regular basis."

Skulpturas Clothing

All collections have limited pieces. Once pieces are sold out we do not restock. 

Please note that we DO NOT sell fast fashion clothing that is being made under poor working conditions. In this we take much pride.


 All our pieces are designed in house and fabrics are personally hand picked in The Netherlands and /or Turkey and pieces are made in Ghana.

Skulpturas Foundation

A percentage of all sales goes towards the SKULPTURAS FOUNDATION. 

With these funds we provide food, education, medical assistance and donations to those in need.

Please note that we do not accept donations from individuals or corporations.

Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.

Perfect fit check note

  • Remove tags and labels. Sewn on logo labels are also easy to remove

  • Slow down when putting on the pieces, some pieces are made from delicate fabrics like lace, silk etc.  

  • Hand or cold gentle wash only

  • Do not put in dryer

  • Do not iron. Steam only

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